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Dr. H. M. Rajashekara Swamy

Professor & Head (Civil Engg. Dept)




Area of Interest:Earthquake engineering and all allied applications, Application of artificial intelligence in Civil engineering, System identification and FEM updating, Urban flooding and mitigation, Waste water treatment and recycle, Reinforced soil, Green planning and construction


Significant Accomplishments:

Total no. of Publications : 14

Major Publications:

  • H. M. Rajashekhar Swamy, Krishnamoorthy, D.L. Prabakhara and S.S. Bhavikatti, “Relevance of interface elements in soil structure interaction analysis of three dimensional multiscale structure on raft foundation”, Electronic journal of geotechnical Engineering, 2011, Vol 16B, pp.199-218.
  • H. M. Rajashekhar Swamy, Krishnamoorthy, D.L. Prabakhara and S.S. Bhavikatti, “Evaluation of the influence of interface elements for structure-isolated footing-soil interaction analysis”, Interaction and Multiscale Mechanics, 2011, Vol. 4, No.1, March, pp. 65-83
  • H. M. Rajashekhar Swamy1 , Dr. Krishnamoorthy2 , Dr D.L.Prabakar3 , Dr S.S.Bhavikatti4 ,(2013) “Comparison of Linear and Non-Linear, Space frame-Raft-soil interaction analyses, by Using Finite Element Method.”, International Journal of Structural Engineering 2013 – Vol. 4, No.3 pp. 187 – 233
  • Santhosh H.P., Dr. H.M. Rajashekhar Swamy, Dr. D.L. Prabhakara, (2013) “Review on Seismic Base Isolation from History to Modern Technology”, International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology, Volume 6, Number 4, 2013, ISSN:0974-3154

  • Proposal submitted for funded research:

    • Project Title : “Mitigation and Use of Sudden floods in urban environment for drinking and domestic use” submitted to DST
    • Project Title: “Development of equivalent impedances for soil for Dynamic SSI analysis of structures of nuclear facilities for hard strata at various depths.” Submitted to BRNS


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