How to Apply?

Ramaiah Technology Business Incubator

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How to apply?

Step I

Applicant submits application form to the Incubator

Step II

The Project Committee at Incubation Center reviews the application

Step III

A meeting is set to build rapport, discuss the proposal and clarify any questions

Step IV

Application is submitted for approval to the CEO of the Incubation Center

Step V

After approval is communicated and accepted, new client and director establish short- and long-term goals for relationship

Step VI

Startup moves into Incubator

Want to Apply for Start-up Program at RTBI? Apply Now.

Aspiring entrepreneurs with a seed of an idea can apply through simple process

Looking for a startup incubator?

Startup founders looking to start off on the right foot often turn to a startup accelerator or startup incubator for help.

Incubators are emerging technology innovation hub in the country

Aspiring entrepreneur having a valid technology product ideas in the technology areas including but not limited to IoT, Electronic System, Robotics and Intelligent Systems can seek support for incubation and setting up their own start-ups.