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Moving from ground-breaking ideas to exponential startups

RTBI wants to provide a platform, network, infrastructure, and guidance to empower the young entrepreneurs to deliver exponential impact.



To create a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem on University campus for nurturing and enrichment of Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship



We are committed to nurture and support creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship amongst students , faculty members and other aspirants for establishment and growth of technology businesses to meet the social obligations and economic growth of our communities



The main goal of RTBI incubator is to produce successful startups that will leave the incubator financially viable and freestanding

Looking for a incubator to startup your business?

Encouraging entrepreneurs to embarking on a journey towards innovation and invention.

An incubation where innovative ideas are generated & nurtured

An incubation center that would nurture innovative start-up businesses in their pursuit to become scalable and sustainable enterprises.