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Dr.Harshad Ramesh Parate

Assistant Professor



Area of Expertise: Surface water modeling, Vadose zone Flow modeling, Geophysical tools to measure / map soil moisture, Data processing and analysis of Hydrological data, Setting up field set up for Surface Hydrology study, Ground water Hydrology study and Subsurface Flow study, Setting up lab set up for Subsurface Flow study, Conducting field experiments on Surface Water Hydrology, Ground Water Hydrology and Subsurface Hydrology, Solid waste management



  • International Journal: 1
  • National Journal: 3
  • International Conference: 3
  • National Conference: 1

    • Research Experience :

      • Research Scholar in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering,Department. of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
      • Water Resources Specialist at Jala Samvardhane Yojana Sangha, Bangalore,Dept.of Water Resources (Minor Irrigation), Govt. of Karnataka, India. A world bank funded project on ‘Karnataka Community Based Tank Management Project’