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SpaceTech: Pushing Boundaries, Igniting Possibilities

What is Space Tech?


An ecosystem of sophisticated systems and tools created for communication, exploration, and scientific study outside Earth’s atmosphere is known as space tech. Space tech¬†comprises a vast array of interrelated elements, such as satellites, telescopes, equipment, and spaceships, all of which are designed to function in the extreme conditions of space. Through the use of advanced hardware, software, and communication protocols, these technologies make it easier to carry out missions, collect data, and send information over great distances, allowing humanity to learn more about the universe and open up new vistas for space exploration and discovery.

Why Space Tech?

Humanity may gain a great deal from space technology, which is an engine for communication, exploration, and scientific research beyond Earth. By delving into the mysteries of far-off celestial bodies, space exploration advances our comprehension of the cosmos. Global sustainability initiatives are aided by space-based observations, which offer vital data for environmental monitoring, disaster response, and weather forecasting. Moreover, space technology transforms international communication by promoting connectivity and making information sharing easier on a global scale. It stimulates creativity in robotics, propulsion systems, and spaceship design, resulting in technological advances with a wide range of uses. Furthermore, space exploration encourages global cooperation and motivates the next generation to work in STEM subjects, propelling advancement and innovation both on Earth and beyond.

RTBI Offers Emerging Technology Domains to Startups

Aspiring entrepreneurs with a valid product idea in technology areas including but not limited to IoT, ESDM, AI, Robotics, Intelligent Systems, and Space Technology can seek support for incubation and setting up their own startups.
Internet of Things
Electronics System Design & Manufacturing
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